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Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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why telecom fraud happening in india??


what are the disadvantages of the mobile.

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Which movie have you seen last? Plz tell story i brief.

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what is ment by tellcaller?


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How do you about our company ?

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How do make one system dedicated to one user. How do to restrict the user login to the system.



why some one will send mail in encrypt mode and how do you read the encrypted mail.


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1> What is water mark & why it will be used? 2> how do you make / done duplex setting in printer or while printing ? 3> total in how many ways from n/w system, user can send the data ? 4> in n/w how user can access the data from another system ? 5> what is virtual memory, page file, hyper trending? 6> mail account configure & difference ? [express, outlook, IMAP, notes] 7> n/w command & layer ? Q asked at HP, Bangalore, for non voice tech support.



You profile shows that you should be doing a software job or a job which involves electrical engineering then why do you want to work for a B.P.O


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Tell me about city mumbai?


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Why do you want to join call center as your a software proffesional

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You are a team leader handling 15 staff. You know there is data fudging happening, which is an integrity issue for the organization but you don't have sufficient data to prove, although You know which staff are doing it. Now, 5 team members come to you together asking that they have heard from the grapevine that they are suspected for playing with critical data. How will You handle this situation especially when 2 out of these 5 are actually the ones doing it ??? This is a mind boggling question for an inerview, it had me tongue tied for a moment.

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What are your strong points

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Speak about "The impact of coffee in our daily life"

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I have a Merchant Account in the United States and I am seeking a Call Center to team up with, for the processing of all service or product related. Please advise with information?


what motivates you? also have you used these motivators with other


i am from bpo sector and have a intervirw with ocwen financial corporation for bpo job so what kind of questions i can expect there


Tailored Communication Style Describe an occasion when you have tailored your communication style to deal with a particular situation within your teamWhy was it necessary? What was the other persons role? What did you need to take


Name the factors you need to take into consideration before conducting a survey for customer service satisfaction


what is crm?


4. Materials associated with the service are visually appealing


What are the key aspects that can help to improve your customer service?


what would a system restore do?technically what would it do


why i configer to power mangemant?


hi... this is murali... i've attended for brigade interview for the first time...and got rejected in final technical hr round... can u sujjest me some questions on Windows XP Operating System, Ports and their pins, USB's, Basic Troubleshooting ... i have to attend again on 13th nov....


hello plz tell me how prepare call center int.


Speak on your unforgettable or memorable day for two minutes?


9. Insists on error-free records


i have experience in international call centres for 1 year and i am looking out for a job in an international call centre in siliguri before the 15-09-2011 can any1 help contact me on my cell no...7890628134.....thankzzz