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Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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What is TEAM Player

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WCT tax alos applicable on painter the total amount of work Rs.35000/- only

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When sending an email to numerous people, on what line should you place the email addresses to prevent each recipient from seeing the other email addresses?

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actually what is done at call centers..

Aegis, FirstSource, HGS, Punjab National Bank,

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tell me about television?

IBM, IGT, Wipro, WNS,

4 11416,about.the.contract?


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tell me tabout recent movie u r seen?tell me about yout college days? tell me about your school days? tell me about your friends?

Bank Of America, BPO, FirstSource, Genpact, HCL, Mercer, Spanco,

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Why BPO industry?

BPO, DishTV, IBM, Maestros, Spice Telecom,

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what do you now about customer service?

Mobinil, TCS,

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I left job in january 2010 .Hr asking why u left. What answer i should i answer i was in the house .Ii m graduate

ANI Technologies, EXL, MD India Healthcare,

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If anybody wants to join Domestic or international BPO and unable to clear rounds call me Ill help you guys. Gaurav- 9911489888. Delhi


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what is the meaning of the below sentence.? 1.This is the best chinese food I've ever had ?. 2.Shankar's Robot, the most expensive Indian film ever made.

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what are the use of V Lan .?

3i Infotech,

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how many type of call center

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what is insurance

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why you leave teaching? and why you want to join BPO?


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Our call center is involved in activities that bend many laws, would you still work with us? Pay is huge


How do you describe your management style?


How the analysis of departed customer help your organization?


What Should be the role of GOVT in making a city into a metro city ?


what are the major key responsibility areas for a manager in bpo...?


If you have a team , Team members do not follow policy and do not give exactly achievement, what will be doing you with them ?


hi r science 2 nd yr students can apply for appsc .exam pl tell me eligibility. to apply for that. and more details.


Give me an example scenario of a poor customer service and what would you do differently?


problems and consequences of bpo ?


Why do you want to work for our company? : bpo


What was your biggest mistake?


7. Performs the services right first time