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why do u want to join a call centre?


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am pursuing mba & after this i want to get into call centres.and if they ask y u want to work in call centres.udid ur what ans should i give.

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what r ur hobbies?

FirstSource, Cli3l, Skype,

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what is your greatest strength?,

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i went to attend interview for dell.that is for customer care.n they asked y u want to join dell.i couldnt give the what ans should i give them.


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how should we start our self introduction.what is the sequence should we after our name then what we have to say.

HCL, CTS, HP, L&T, DELL, JLL, Vodafone, ITC Infotech, College School Exams Tests, Advinus Therapeutics, Amphasis, Elevates Infosolution, Flipkart, ITD, KF, Levigo Engineering, SEA, Wipro, Genesis, ITC Indian Tobacco Company,

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How can u say that you are the right candidate for us?


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tell me about ur favourite colour

BPO, Wipro, Cognizant, Bank Of America, Sitel, Sietel, E3I, Accenture, Call Centre, Amazon, Infosys, Tech Mahindra,

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tell me about ur favourite day


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what might make you to leave this job?


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Hoe do you weigh job satisfaction?


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Describe your ideal job?

Nestle, Petronas, DELL,

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How you define yourself as a person/individual

TCS, Reliance, Infosys, EXL, AirDeccan, Asquire,

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what are you looking in a new job in bpo

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why do u want to leave the last organization ?


I got a chance in company placement in my university .... The h.r ask several random question on the basis of ur communication skill n grammer... Firstly they ask .. Tell me about urself ? . how was ur school life? Fav. Movie n why . tell the story? How was ur First day in college? Etc....


What is right age of hacking(from dt.of casting) on concrte surface for plaster work.


hello im bartek, who wants to be my girlfriend.?


How do you handle constructive criticism?


tel me sumdin abt kolkata?


About Child Lobour


who or what in your life would you say influenced you most with regard to your career objectives?


i have experience in international call centres for 1 year and i am looking out for a job in an international call centre in siliguri before the 15-09-2011 can any1 help contact me on my cell no...7890628134.....thankzzz


Had you thought of leaving your present position before? If yes, what do you think held you there


If you were given a chance to become a mayor or someone who has power and authority over all the country what would you like to do and why?


I'm just a random person here. So I'm willing to open a discussion and give you tips on how to get into this industry. I will try to get back to you when I'maavailable. So don't hesitate to ask anything. Just comment down on this thread. Have a great time!


How to start up the interview for Team leader or Assistant Manager position


how we will change our low living standard ?


If you have a superpower what would like to do for one day at work and why?