How you define yourself as a person/individual

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Answer / ranjan sinha

Frankly speaking all the answer given above are rubbish.
Define yourself is an opportunity to prove yourself that
you are the right candidate for this job. All the answers
which are posted above are help you to lose this
For answering this question one should start with a
positive note: I m a person with strong interpersonal skills
(as mentioned by DJ).challenges have been the part of my
life and i m looking forward for new challanges. So that i
can hone my skills.Then your achedemics(some prefer to put
it in the begining,but almost all use it in the same manner
so it sounds monotonous)then your hobbies,Extra
curriculum,achievements which can help to prove that you
are the part of organisation.
Do well best of luck

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Answer / dj

i am a person with strong interpersonal skill,has an ability
to get along with people well, I am quick in learning from
mistake. i enjoy challenges and always looking for creative

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Answer / priya

this question involves various strenghts which a person
have you can say like

I am smart, honest, sincere, hard worker, problem solver
and result oriented person. I take care of dead lines and
provide quality work.

U may have different skills.

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Answer / mandeep singh

I agree with Ranjan Sinha. Still i have amended a little. Here it come.....

I am ......... <Name>. I am a person with strong inter-personal skills and has the ability to adapt relevant environments and learn from mistakes. Challenges have been a part of my life and i'm always looking ahead for newer ones so as i can hone/sharpen my skills.
Talking about my academics, I am currently in row to become a graduate with a/an .........<Degree>. Before that i completed my 12th from ....... and 10th from ....... Apart from these I am also a Cisco Certified.
Now about my hobbies, ........and extra cirrular activities. Do focus on the post for which u r applying.

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Answer / sachin gupta

I am a person who think that life is so easy if you do all
work with great interest.I do that job in which i have
interest because this thing i can do for 20 hours a day. i
like to take up the responsibility and challenges so that i
can show my skills.

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Answer / piyush


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Answer / gagana

I'm a person filled with confident no matter what happens I never give up in my life .
I see my happiness by putting a smile on another face which s of great achievement.
my policy in life s commit mistake n accept tht u learn more n more...

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Answer / shahid saleem

I am a type of person who beleives in positivity. I am hard working and motivated to do my work.I am sincere, smart and quick in learning from my mistakes,sociable and detail oriented.i recently completed my intermediate examination.

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Answer / mossab

i am a person filled with life with a very logical and
practical sense of mind.
I love to do something which could bring smile on a
miserable face and which can give me an inner sense of

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Answer / ranjan sinha

Sorry there are some grammatical mistakes in above answer
and i appologise for that.
all the answers given

above will help you to lose this

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