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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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what is closing stock & gross profit? purchase is 1387508 rs & sale is1311980rs

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Purchased goods worth @25000 at 10% trade discount from seven who paid 200/- as carriage on behalf of prabhakar


Can you please help me calculate the pre tax profit for credit card for 2014 using the following Assumptions. Request you to list the steps used. Charges Late fee £12 per occurrence Over limit fee £10 per occurrence Cash fees 3% of cash withdrawal value Annual Fee £25 per account, per year Interchange 1% of transaction value KPIs Accounts overdue 10% per month Accounts over limit 15% per month Average APR 30% Balances revolving 90% of balance Average balance £900 at end of 2013 Expected growth in average balance (2014) 10% per annum Assumptions Open accounts 200,000 at 2013 year-end New accounts booked 5,000 per month Annual operating cost £50 per open account Cost of Acquisition £50 per account Provision rate 9% of total balances Annual cost of funds 4% by balance Charge off Unit charge-off rate in 2014 11% of accounts at 2013 year-end Unit charge-off rate in 2014 0% of accounts booked in 2014 Post charge-off recoveries 20% of balance Account Transactions Monthly turnover 5% of total month end balances Cash advances 20% of monthly turnover Additional Assumptions Please state any additional assumptions you have made to calculate your answer Thanks in advance,

Elevates Infosolution,


What type of questions are asked for Interview of Manager Finance in Airport Authority of India ?


What is Goods Lost by Fire/Accident/Theft ?


Hi, I would like to check if my understanding is correct I have a negative amount for provision of income tax in my balance sheet from my previous financial year.What are the accounting treatments for income tax paid and then refunded to you for the current year? Is this correct? For payment Dr provision of income tax cr bank For tax refund Cr provision of income tax Dr bank Do I need to input anything in income tax expense acct?


What was use of tally erp 9? Types of vat?


My BASIC Salary is 18,000

Tonia Liquor Industries,


Do I need a waybill in the following case:- If I purchase (on bill) small quantity goods (like artificial jewelry) from one state (say Delhi) and transports it personally (say via flight) to other state (say West Bengal) along with my personal belongings and then I put them to sell through my boutique in that state. Do I need waybill? If yes, what will be the procedure? Do I need to pay entry tax at WB? What will be the procedure? Am I doing anything unlawful while transferring goods personally? Please give your advice. Regards, Manoj

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if jj form not cancelled within 1hour,wat to do


closing stock at the end is comprised of %a purchase price of $60000,10% discount and 15% import duty.The stock can be sold for $70000 after incurring costs of $1950.Included in the purchase price is abnormal wastage of $2000.Transportation costs are $1000 and storage costs are $500,what is the value of the closing stock?



Classification of Bank A/c and Bank OD account

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Is depreciation a expense or income?



What is the procedure to become charted accountant in India now. Please answer this is urgent


How to enter PO in SAP


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i want know how to calculate it in payroll please mail me the percentages using there ?


Sir what is IFUSL? Asked in bank loan form


What was use of tally erp 9? Types of vat?


we want all sbi previous questions papers in our e.mail krishna2043 on yahoo


how many schedules are there in accounting?


what do u mean by comparative budget?


what are the important steps to take during the conversion of an accounting system.


i have interview in KVB on 12-12-08. so Please send me some questions asked in previous interviews contucted by KVB?


what is mean by T and E cosept


What is difference between cash flow and funds flow?


If income and expense both are equal then what it depicts


what is controlership?


what is the use of special general ledger if the normal trasaction in usage.


joint venture?


what is ment by master in tally?