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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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if you fix salary to some body for Rs.10000/- what are the segregations to be done and what are the deductions to be done (segregations like basic, da,ta,conveyance etc., how ? what percentage what speaks law) and deductions what are those like, pf,esi,pt, etc., what ever


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Depreciation method to using Indian company names


At Present Situation in sensex market is low, It converts the whole human being life into the depth. When and how it will change? Is it possible?


sir i am working consruction company.we have 4 projects in varrious places.i enter attendance in payroll by project wise.if enter autofill salaries combained all projects.i want individual salaries base on attendance feeding method.because staff are changing in one project to another project offenly.please explain method


A company acquires new taxi fleets on 1April 2006 with intention to provide services during the World Cup period and thereafter dispose the taxis .The World Cup runs for three months to 30 June 2006.The company's year end is 30 June do you account for taxis at initial recognition .




Dear All, Could any body send me the format of Delivery Challan? What is Even Transfer and Branch Transfer?Please let me know if any body knows?


what is cost accountinp


what is differred tax liability? explain in detail with some example.


I am going to attend an interview for the post of jr. Accounts Officer in airport authority of india,pls help me to prepare for the interview??


my boss (Managing Partner of a firm) promoted along with his wife a private limited company. he and she spent some Rs. 75,000/- (approx) for the promotion of the company. i know that they usually fall under the head of preliminary expenses. but after receiving the certification of incorporation of the company how shall i repay them to the promoters i.e. what is the accounting entry in the books (initial books of accounts) for the expenditure incurred. they have kept in hand 5,00,000/- each to meet the expenses and they were allotted shares of equal to the amount. can i allot shares for a consideration of cash from and excluding the preliminary expenses. can i take cash towards the share application money (being the cash more than Rs. 20,000/-) as the company has not opened a bank account yet. please give me the detailed answer with journal entries that can be entered in tally. thank you.


What are the types of journal categories available in the Oracle AP?


What is the relationship between, issued share capital, share premium and paid up capital?


Enter the following in the petty cash book, using appropriate expenditure column headings. the book is kept in the the amount of imprest system. the amount of imprest is #40,000