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BEP= Fixed cost/Contribution*sales .Any other alternative formula 4 BEP .

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What is the meaning of Journal Ledger?


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Is Paper-Gold also called as Special Drawing Rights or Global Depository Receipts?

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what is the meaning of MIS Report , and what are the usages in MIS Report, how to prepare ,

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What are patents

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Mr.Jadhike owns a fleet of taxis adn the following information are available from the records maintained b him: 1.Number of taxis 10 2.salary of manager 600pm 3.cost of each taxi 20000 4.salary of cleaner 500pm 5.salary of mechanic 400 pm 6.garage rent 600pm premium 5%pa 8.annual tax 600 per taxi 9.driver salary 200 pm per taxi annual repair 1000 per taxi total life of a taxi is about 200000 kms. a taxi runs in all 3000kms in a month of which 30% it runs empty. Petrol consumption in one litre for 10kms@1.80 per litre. Oil and other are rs 5 per 100 kms calculate the cost of running a taxi per km 5

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Basic of Accounting Theory

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what annual retten of sale tax


What are the Journal Entries posted in the books of a Mutual Fund of a Legal Entity in USA in regular accounting?


Define Busines entity concept?


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goodwill value of two and half time of the average of three yare profit of firm total threeyare (1237500)

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what is t.d.s

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Hello, I am trying to record the journal entries for taking a loan and refinancing it into two new loans. How would I show the closing loan and the opening of two new loans? Thank you for your help!

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book building

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let me know the minimum Accounting Heads in an accounting system


how many types of practice accounts?


how we will prepare n file income tax returns for individuals?explain


While we are bringing our machinery items to factory through a vehicle from other state to Andhra pradesh, is this correct to send our own state way bill along with the other state way bill.


What are Mortgage Payment Problems?






bank exam paper


What is written off?


Short Answer on ________Accounts Payables


What is the basic difference between pledge, hypothication and mortgage????


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closing stock at the end is comprised of %a purchase price of $60000,10% discount and 15% import duty.The stock can be sold for $70000 after incurring costs of $1950.Included in the purchase price is abnormal wastage of $2000.Transportation costs are $1000 and storage costs are $500,what is the value of the closing stock?


Short Answer on ______Budget