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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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BEP= Fixed cost/Contribution*sales .Any other alternative formula 4 BEP .

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What is the meaning of Journal Ledger?


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Is Paper-Gold also called as Special Drawing Rights or Global Depository Receipts?

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what is the meaning of MIS Report , and what are the usages in MIS Report, how to prepare ,

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What are patents

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Mr.Jadhike owns a fleet of taxis adn the following information are available from the records maintained b him: 1.Number of taxis 10 2.salary of manager 600pm 3.cost of each taxi 20000 4.salary of cleaner 500pm 5.salary of mechanic 400 pm 6.garage rent 600pm premium 5%pa 8.annual tax 600 per taxi 9.driver salary 200 pm per taxi annual repair 1000 per taxi total life of a taxi is about 200000 kms. a taxi runs in all 3000kms in a month of which 30% it runs empty. Petrol consumption in one litre for 10kms@1.80 per litre. Oil and other are rs 5 per 100 kms calculate the cost of running a taxi per km 5

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Basic of Accounting Theory

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what annual retten of sale tax


What are the Journal Entries posted in the books of a Mutual Fund of a Legal Entity in USA in regular accounting?


Define Busines entity concept?


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goodwill value of two and half time of the average of three yare profit of firm total threeyare (1237500)

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what is t.d.s

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Hello, I am trying to record the journal entries for taking a loan and refinancing it into two new loans. How would I show the closing loan and the opening of two new loans? Thank you for your help!

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book building

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What is Purchase Requisition means? Why we used this in MM Module in SAP? what is t.code of it?


If i have a company in India doing purchase from Shrilanka, If i buy in Shrilankan local currency and make the payments in Indian Currency At the end of year how shall i settle the difference Exchange money in Books of Accounts.


Should I have perfect credit score, that is, above 800 credit score?


How now about sales tax and purchase tax.what is the persentage of those thing in tamil nadu.


what is meant by transposition error




Prepare a trial balance from the following :- Particulars Amount Particulars Amount Rs. Rs. Purchases 8225 Premium on lease 1200 Wages 1025 Loan on mortgage 2500 Sales 12450 Plant & machinery 2000 Arun's capital 13500 Provisn for doubtful debts 300 Stock on 1/1/98 1500 Sundry debtors 16550 Salary 410 Trade charges 200 Rent & taxes 162 Bad debts 200 Sundry creditors 2572


Can any one explain me how profitability analysis s implemented in Sap & tell me which tables get effected by this... i want to know about copa_derive msgtypes also...


i engaged with the accounts of manufacturing concern, i have a question when we purchased a fixed assets and after this we put the fuel in this for trial then this fuel is our also capital exp


what do u mean by comparative budget?


What is DECR And for wt it is used?


Why do you want to work for us?


1. what is responsibility of inword & forward agent ? 2. how to control cash expenses give five step ? 3. what is Vat 3. how many type of depreciation


At Present Situation in sensex market is low, It converts the whole human being life into the depth. When and how it will change? Is it possible?


Queries for Big4 Articleship : Whether son of CA in practice effects chances.