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ATM machine and railway reservation class/object diagram

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if array a conatins 'n' elements and array b conatins 'n-1' elements.array b has all element which are present in array a but one element is missing in array b. find that element.

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Why is conio.h not required when we save a file as .c and use clrscr() or getch() ?

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what is the difference between entry control and exit control statement?

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How to add two numbers with using function?

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How to add two numbers with using function?

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array contains zeros and ones as elements.we need to bring zeros one side and one other side in single parse. ex:a[]={0,0,1,0,1,1,0,0} o/p={0,0,0,0,0,1,1,1}

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how to print a statement in c without use of console statement ,with the help of if statement it should print


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main is a predefined or user define function if user defined why? if predefined whay?


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what is a c-language.what is do.


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how to find out the union of two character arrays?

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what is pointer ?

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totally how much header files r in c language


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Every time i run a c-code in editor, getting some runtime error and editor is disposing, even after reinstalling the software what may be the problem?

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Hi how many types of software editions are there and their difference (like home editions, enterprise, standard etc) can u please help me


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how can i write a program that prints out a box such that whenever i press any key8(coordinate number) on the keyboard, the box moves.


how could explain about job profile


will u please send me the placement papers to my mail???????????????????


c program to compute AREA under integral


write a programming in c to find the sum of all elements in an array through function.


write a program that types this pattern: 12345678987654321 12345678 87654321 1234567 7654321 123456 654321 12345 54321 1234 4321 123 321 12 21 1 1


int far *near * p; means


difference between native and cross compilers


to print the salary of an employee according to follwing calculation: Allowances:HRA-20% of BASIC,DA-45% of BASIC,TA-10%. Deductions:EPF-8% of BASIC,LIC-Rs.200/-Prof.Tax:Rs.200/- create c language program?


a c code by using memory allocation for add ,multiply of sprase matrixes


how to make a scientific calculater ?


Wt are the Buses in C Language


The program will first compute the tax you owe based on your income. User is prompted to enter income. Program will compute the total amount of tax owed based on the following: Income Tax 0 - $45,000 = 0.15 x income $45,001 - $90,000 = 6750 + 0.20 x (income – 45000) $90,001 - $140,000 = 15750 + 0.26 x (income – 90000) $140,001 - $200,000 = 28750 + 0.29 x (income – 140000) Greater than $200,000 = 46150 + 0.33 x (income – 200000) Dollar amounts should be in dollars and cents (float point numbers with two decimals shown). Tax is displayed on the screen.


write a program in c language to print your bio-data on the screen by using functions.


Simplify the program segment if X = B then C ← true else C ← false