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Write a c code segment using a for loop that calculates and prints the sum of the even integers from 2 to 30, inclusive?

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Write a program to print all the prime numbers with in the given range

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Expand the following LKB BKL FFG


how to use showbits function?

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User define function contain thier own address or not.

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Tell us the difference between these two : #include"stdio.h" #include define in detial.

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How to establish connection with oracle database software from c language?


is compiler do read the data line by line or not. ??

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Symmetric technologies interview questions. For Computer science candidates the first round is a objective type written test consisting of 16 questions.It is very easy ,any police man can solve this. And next round is a written test consists of both objective and subjective .Total 40 question related to c,c++ and operating system related questions. And then a technical interview and give some program to solve with computer.The md is adamant person, whatever he says we have to accept that is the condition. And one more thing ,,,these interview is just for a formality..the company will select only innocent guys.. the person's without a backbone only they require.. And u have to submit the certificates this is the most important problem...So if you are not getting any other jobs..then only join with this... It is better to try for other company...And apart from that symmetric do a lot of projects..If a candidate can manage everything u can join and make good career with this company... The Md will normally speak rudely..but he is good person and he will give you a lot of very good chances to improve your career....but with cheap salary....

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Write a program for the following series? 1 121 12321 1234321 123454321 12345654321 1234567654321 123456787654321 12345678987654321 1234567890987654321 123456789010987654321 12345678901210987654321 1234567890123210987654321 .........1234321............ ..........123454321............ ..........12345654321............ 7 8 9 0 1 Pls............?

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which is the best antivirus and how to update it


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How to delete a node from linked list w/o using collectons?

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find second largest element in array w/o using sorting techniques? use onle one for loop.

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find largest element in array w/o using sorting techniques.

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hi any body pls give me company name interview conduct "c" language only


main() { static char *s[]={"black","white","yellow","voilet"}; char **ptr[]={s+3,s+2,s+1,s}, ***p; p=ptr; **++p; printf("%s",*--*++p+3); }


Without Computer networks, Computers will be half the use. Comment.


Design a program which assigns values to the array temperature. The program should then display the array with appropriate column and row headings.


Write the program with at least two functions to solve the following problem. The members of the board of a small university are considering voting for a pay increase for their 10 faculty members. They are considering a pay increase of 8%. Write a program that will prompt for and accept the current salary for each of the faculty members, then calculate and display their individual pay increases. At the end of the program, print the total faculty payroll before and after the pay increase, and the total pay increase involved.


The program will first compute the tax you owe based on your income. User is prompted to enter income. Program will compute the total amount of tax owed based on the following: Income Tax 0 - $45,000 = 0.15 x income $45,001 - $90,000 = 6750 + 0.20 x (income – 45000) $90,001 - $140,000 = 15750 + 0.26 x (income – 90000) $140,001 - $200,000 = 28750 + 0.29 x (income – 140000) Greater than $200,000 = 46150 + 0.33 x (income – 200000) Dollar amounts should be in dollars and cents (float point numbers with two decimals shown). Tax is displayed on the screen.


show how link list can be used to repersent the following polynomial i) 5x+2




i got 75% in all semester am i eligible for your company


difference between object file and executable file


hi... can anyone help me to make a two-dimensinal arrays in finding the sum of two elements plzzz. thnx a lot...


Write a C program linear.c that creates a sequence of processes with a given length. By sequence it is meant that each created process has exactly one child. Let's look at some example outputs for the program. Here the entire process sequence consists of process 18181: Sara@dell:~/OSSS$ ./linear 1 Creating process sequence of length 1. 18181 begins the sequence. An example for a sequence of length three: Sara@dell:~/OSSS$ ./linear 3 Creating process sequence of length 3. 18233 begins the sequence. 18234 is child of 18233 18235 is child of 18234 ........ this is coad .... BUt i could not compleate it .....:( #include #include #include #include int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { int N; pid_t pid; int cont; if (argc != 2) { printf("Wrong number of command-line parameters!\n"); return 1; } N = atoi(argv[1]); printf("Creating process sequence of length %d.\n",N); printf("%d begins the sequence.\n",getpid()); /* What I have to do next ?????? */ }


design and implement a data structure and performs the following operation with the help of file (included 1000 student marks in 5 sub. and %also) 1.how many students are fail in all 5 subjects (if >35) 2. delete all student data those are fail in all 5 subjects. 3. update the grace marks (5 no. if exam paper is 100 marks) 4. arrange the student data in ascending order basis of marks. 5.insert double of deleted students with marks in the list.


please help me..... please codes and flowchart plz turbo c lang po yan.....please asap response... 3. Make an astrology program. The user types in his or her birthday (month, day, and year as integer), and the program responds with the user’s zodiac sign, horoscope, and other information related to it. If the user’s birth year falls into a leap year, your program should display an appropriate message for it. NOTES: Conditional Statements: it should be with graphics


a number whose only prime factors are 2,3,5, and 7 is call humble number,,write a program to find and display the nth element in this sequence.. sample input : 2,3,4,11,12,13, and 100.. sample output : the 2nd humble number is 2,the 3rd humble number is 3,the 4th humble number is ,the 11th humble number is 12, the 12th humble number is 14, the 13th humble number is 15, the 100th humble number is 450.