C Interview Questions
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Juxtapose the use of override with new. What is shadowing?

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Explain the differences between public, protected, private and internal.

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Explain what?s happening in the first constructor: public class c{ public c(string a) : this() {;}; public c() {;} } How is this construct useful?

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What is the difference between typeof(foo) and myFoo.GetType()?


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What's the difference between a linked list and an array?

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Describe advantages and disadvantages of the various stock sorting algorithms


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How would you find a cycle in a linked list?


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How would you write qsort?

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How would you print out the data in a binary tree, level by level, starting at the top?

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If "AaBbCc" is passed to the char char x(*a) { a[0]?x(a+1):1; printf("%c",a[0]); return 1; } what will be the output?


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f(*p) { p=(char *)malloc(6); p="hello"; return; } main() { char *p="bye"; f(p); printf("%s",p); } what is the o/p?


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what is the different between if-else and switch statment (other than syntax)

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f(x,y,z) { y = y+1; z = z+x; } main() { int a,b; a = 2 b = 2; f(a+b,a,a); print a; } what is the value of 'a' printed

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helllo sir give me some information of the basic information the c as printf ,scanf , %d ,%f and why is the main use of these.

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helllo sir , what is the main use of the pointer ,array ,and the structure with the example of a programe

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what is the difference between north western polytechnique university and your applied colleges?? please give ur answers for this. :)


how to count no of words,characters,lines in a paragraph.


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Simplify the program segment if X = B then C ← true else C ← false


i have a written test for microland please give me test pattern


Calculate 1*2*3*____*n using recursive function??


4. main() { int c=- -2; printf("c=%d",c); }


p*=(++q)++*--p when p=q=1 while(q<=6)


The postoder traversal is 7,14,3,55,22,5,17 Then ur Inorder traversal is??? please help me on this


code for quick sort?


how do you programme Carrier Sense Multiple Access


Write a program in "C" to calculate the root of a quadratic equation ax^2+bx+c=0, where the value of a,b & c are known.


Write a program to generate a pulse width frequency of your choise,which can be variable by using the digital port of your processor


hi to every one .. how to view table pool after creating the pooled table? plz help me.. if any knows abt this ..


Why is event driven programming or procedural programming, better within specific scenario?