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What is diffrance between declaration and defination of a variable or function

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how we can say java is platform independent, while we require JVM for that particular Operating System?

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Write a c program to build a heap method using Pointer to function and pointer to structure ?



program to print upper & lower triangle of a matrix


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can please someone teach me how to create this program using while statement.. this is the output should look like 0 2 4 6 8 10 -thanks.. :) need it asap...

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What is Memory leakage ?


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My teacher ask to make a program that can: Insert record in front Insert record at the end Insert in between Search node record Delete record in front Delete record at the end Delete record in between Using Data structure Linked List type. But I'm really confused about the codes and I can't go through. Please help Thanks in advance. Also here is my unfinished code if someone can make changes it will be more good.

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write a c/c++ program that takes a 5 digit number and calculates 2 power that number and prints it?

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can u write a program in C, which does not use = (eqaul)or any arithmatic assignment(like -=,+=,*= etc) operator to swap to number?

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how c source file in converted to exe file


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#include #include # define swap(a,b) temp=a; a=b; b=temp; void main( ) { int i, j, temp; i=5; j=10; temp=0; if( i > j) swap( i, j ); printf( "%d %d %d", i, j, temp); }

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how write a addtion of two single dimensional array using of pointer in c language?


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Write a program to print prime nums from 1-20 using c programing?


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Sir,please help me out with the output of this programme:- #include #include void main() { int a=18,b=12,i; for(i=a 4 2896

#include #include void main() { char ch='\356'; printf("%d",ch); } o/p=-18 why?plz.explain

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the question is that what you have been doing all these periods (one year gap)


In c programming typeing to occupy the variables in memory space. if not useing the variable the memory space is wasted.ok, how to avoid the situation..? (the variable is used & notused)


provide an example of the Group by clause, when would you use this clause


#define f(g,h) g##h main O int i=0 int var=100 ; print f ("%d"f(var,10));} wat would be the output??


int i=10; printf("%d %d %d", i, i=20, i);


You are to write your own versions of strcpy() and strlen (). Call them mystrcpy() and mystrlen(). Write them first as code within main(), not as functions, then, convert them to functions. You will pass two arrays to the function in the case of mystrcpy(), the source and target array.


void main(int n) { if(n==0) return; main(--n); printf("%d ",n); getch(); } how it work and what will be its output...............it any one know ans plz reply


In this problem you are to write a program that will cut some number of prime numbers from the list of prime numbers between 1 and N.Your program will read in a number N; determine the list of prime numbers between 1 and N; and print the C*2 prime numbers from the center of the list if there are an even number of prime numbers or (C*2)-1 prime numbers from the center of the list if there are an odd number of prime numbers in the list.




Without Computer networks, Computers will be half the use. Comment.


difference between object file and executable file


why return type of main is not necessary in linux


write a program that types this pattern: 12345678987654321 12345678 87654321 1234567 7654321 123456 654321 12345 54321 1234 4321 123 321 12 21 1 1


write a program to create a sparse matrix using dynamic memory allocation.


write a program to print the consecutive repeated character from the given string... input string is : hhhhjkutskkkkkggggj output should be like this: hhhhkkkkkgggg anyone help me...