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Write a C/C++ program that connects to a MySQL server and checks intrusion attempts every 5 minutes. If an intrusion attempt is detected beep the internal speaker to alert the administrator. A high number of aborted connects to MySQL at a point in time may be used as a basis of an intrusion.

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Is there something we can do in C but not in C++? Declare variable names that are keywords in C++ but not C.


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How to convert decimal to binary in C using recursion??


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Write a C program where input is: "My name is xyz". output is: "xyz is name My".


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Write a small C program to determine whether a machine's type is little-endian or big-endian.


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can v write main() { main(); } Is it true?

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Write a C program to find the smallest of three integers, without using any of the comparision operators.


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Write a c program to enter a string of paragraph and replacing a particular word which is repeated in the paragraph by another word?

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what is the difference between embedded c and turbo c ?

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Write a C program that will accept a hexadecimal number as input and then display a menu that will permit any of the following operations to be carried out: Display the hexadecimal equivalent of the one's complement. (b) Carry out a masking operation and then display the hexadecimal equivalent of the result. (c) Carry out a bit shifting operation and then display the hexadecimal equivalent of the result. (d) Exit. If the masking operation is selected, prompt the user lor the type of operation (bitwise and, bitwise exclusive or, or bitwise or) and then a (hexadecimal) value for the mask. If the bit shifting operation is selected. prompt the user for the type of shift (left or right), and then the number of bits. Test the program with several different (hexadecimal) input values of your own choice.


Sir,please help me out with the code of this question. Write an interactive C program that will encode or decode multiple lines of text. Store the encoded text within a data file, so that it can be retrieved and decoded at any time. The program should include the following features: (a) Enter text from the keyboard, encode the text and store the encoded text in a data file. (b) Retrieve the encoded text and display it in its encoded form. (c) Retrieve the encoded text, decode it and then display the decoded text. (d) End the computation. Test the program using several lines of text of your choice.


what will be the output of" printf("%d%d",scanf("%d% d",&a&b));"

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what will be the output of "printf("%d%d",scanf("%d% d",&a,&b))".provide an explation regarding the question

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c program to manipulate x=1+3+5+...+n using recursion


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c program to manipulate x=1!+2!+3!+...+n! using recursion


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What is C language ?


what are non standard function in c


largest Of three Number using without if condition?


please give me a VIRTUSA sample palcement papers.... you will only send TECHNICAL SECTION..... that is help for me Advance Thanks........................


find the value of y y = 1.5x+3 for x<=2 y = 2x+5 for x>2




You are to write your own versions of strcpy() and strlen (). Call them mystrcpy() and mystrlen(). Write them first as code within main(), not as functions, then, convert them to functions. You will pass two arrays to the function in the case of mystrcpy(), the source and target array.


Q.1 write a program to create binary tree 1 to 16 numbers? Q.2 write a program to creat a binary search tree for the member that is given by user?


4-Take two sets of 5 numbers from user in two arrays. Sort array 1 in ascending and array 2 in descending order. Perform sorting by passing array to a function mySort(array, sortingOrder). Then multiply both the arrays returned from function, using metric multiplication technique in main. Print result in metric format.


write a c program for swapping two strings using pointer


what are # pragma staments?


why programs in c are running with out #include? some warnings are display in terminal but we execute the program we get answer why? eg: main() { printf("hello world "); }


Using which language Test cases are added in .ptu file of RTRT unit testing???


How do we make a global variable accessible across files? Explain the extern keyword?


write a c program to calculate sum of digits till it reduces to a single digit using recursion