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what are the 10 different models of writing an addition program in C language?


biggest of two no's with out using if condition statement

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what is default constructor?


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4) Write a program that takes a 5 digit number and calculates 2 power that number and prints it. i have done maximum par but i m findind problem in the commented area. please help...

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how to find anagram without using string functions using only loops in c programming

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How to removing white spces in c programming only bu using loops

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how to find anagram without using string functions using only loops in c programming


#include int main() { int i=0,j=1,k=2,m,n=0; m=i++&&j++&&k++||n++; printf("%d,%d,%d,%d,%d",i,j,k,m,n); }

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Find the output? void main() {float a=2.0; printf("\nSize of a ::%d",sizeof(a)); printf("\nSize of 2.0 ::%d",sizeof(2.0));}


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find largest of 3 no

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write a program in reverse the string without using pointer,array,global variable declaration,lib fun only using a function?


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Is double link list a linear data structure? If Yes, Why?If No, Why?

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What is pre-emptive data structure and explain it with example?


why we use pointer in c


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how can i calculate mean,median,mode by using c program


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hi friends how r u as soon in satyam my interview is start but i m very confusued ta wat i do plz help me frndz wat can i do plz tell me some question and answers related with "C" which r asked in the interview .


#include { printf("Hello"); } how compile time affects when we add additional header file .


 write a program that will open the file, count the number of occurences of each word in the the complete works of shakespeare.  You will then tabulate this information in another file.


what do u mean by Direct access files? then can u explain about Direct Access Files?


Q.1 write a program to create binary tree 1 to 16 numbers? Q.2 write a program to creat a binary search tree for the member that is given by user?


what is the basis for selection of arrays or pointers as data structure in a program


program to convert a integer to string in c language'


why return type of main is not necessary in linux


all c language question


if the area was hit by a virus and so the decrease in the population because of death was x/3 and the migration from other places increased a population by 2x then annually it had so many ppl. find our the population in the starting.


Hai what is the different types of versions and their differences


Write a C program on Centralized OLTP, Decentralized OLTP using locking mechanism, Semaphore using locking mechanism, Shared memory, message queues, channel of communication, sockets and a simple program on Saving bank application program using OLTP in IPC?


how to print the character with maximum occurence and print that number of occurence too in a string given ?


write a program that types this pattern: 12345678987654321 12345678 87654321 1234567 7654321 123456 654321 12345 54321 1234 4321 123 321 12 21 1 1


in iso what are the common technological language?