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Who appoints the governor of jammu and Kashmir ? a) Chief minister of the state b) Chief justice of the high court c) President d) Prime minister

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The president of india can be removed from his office by the ? a) Prime minister b) Lok sabha c) Chief justice of india d) Parliament

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If the president returns a bill sent to him for his assent and the parliament once again passes the bill in its original form, then the president ? a) Can once again return the bill for further reconsideration b) Can ask for a referendum on the bill c) Gives assent to the bill d) Can seek the opinion of the supreme court on the bill

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If a minister losses a no-confidence motion, then ? a) The minister resigns b) The whole council of ministers resign c) Lok sabha is dissolved d) Only prime minister and that minister resign

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The only instance when the president of india exercised his power of veto related to the ? a) Hindu code bill b) PEPSU appropriation bill c) Indian Post Office (Amendment Bill) d) Dowry prohibition bill

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The Peramble of the Indian Constitution reads ? a) We, the people of India……….adopt, enact and give to India this Constitution b) We, the people of Constituent Assembly……adopt, enact and give to India this constitution c) We, the people of India………… our Constituent Assembly……….adopt, enact and give to ourselves this constitution


Which of the following is not a salient feature of our Constitution ? a) A Parliamentary form of government b) A Sovereign Democratic Republic c) Contains Directive Principles of State Policy


The charge of impeachment against the president of India for his removal can be preferred by ? a) Rajya Sabha b) Lok Sabha c) Speaker of Lok Sabha and Chairman of Rajya


The part of the Constitution that reflects the mind and ideals of the framers is ? (a) Directive Principles (b)Fundamental Rights (c)Peramble (d)Citizenship


Matching: (A) Aluminium- (1) Monazite (B) Uranium- (2) Pitch Blende (C) Thorium- (3) Bauxite (D) Lead- (4) Galena (a) A5, B3, C2, D4 (b) A3, B2, C4, D1 (c) A3, B2, C1, D4 (d) A2, B3, C1, D5

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Which of the following statements about ‘dry ice’ are correct ? 1. It is useful refrigerant 2. On heating, it turns into a liquid 3. It has acidic properties 4. It causes burns when pressed against the skin (a) 1 and 3 (b) 1,2 and 3 (c) 2 and 4 (d) 1,3 and 4

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Consider the following statements about aluminum: 1. it is the third most abundant element in the earth’s crust 2. It is used to make over-head electric transmission lines 3. Aluminium vessels cannot be used for making alkali solutions. 4. Of these statements, the correct ones are (a) 1 and 2 (b) 2 and 3 (c) 1 and 3 (d) 1,2 and 3

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Which of the following is the correct chronological order of the Prime Ministers in India ? I. Indira Gandhi II. Jawaharlal Nehru III. Morarji Desai IV. Charan Singh (a) I, II, III, IV (b) II, III, I, IV (c) II, I, III, IV (d) III, II, IV, I

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4. Which is true regarding the president of India ? I. He is the Chief Executive II. He is the Supreme Commander of the armed forces III. He is the titular head of the state IV. He is the part of the union legislature (a) I & III (b) I & II (c) II, III & IV (d) I, II, III & IV

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In case of which of the following, the mehtod of removal from office is the same ? I. A judge of the suprme court II. Chief Election commissioner III. President of India (a) I & II (b) II & III (c) I & III (d) I, II & III

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