The president of india can be removed from his office by the ?

a) Prime minister

b) Lok sabha

c) Chief justice of india

d) Parliament

The president of india can be removed from his office by the ? a) Prime minister b) Lok sabha ..

Answer / suman bharti


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What was the GDP growth rate of India in 2003-04, according to the Economic Survey 2003-04 ? (a) 8.2% (b) 7.4% (c) 6.4% (d) 5.3%

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Williamsburg summit was different from cancum meet in that : (1) It was the meet of only poor countries (2) India could not attend the meet (3) India did not attend the meet (4) It was an avenue in the East

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India and Pakistan have agreed to launch a new bus service between 1 Islamabad - New Delhi 2 Srinigar - Muzaffarabad 3 Jammu ? Lahore 4 Amritsar ? Karachi

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Dina Pathak was a famous 1 Playback singer 2 Writer 3 Classical dancer 4 Cine & Stage artist

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While all the major peninsular rivers flow to the east, Narmada and Tapti flow to the west, because of: (1) Iava flow (2) Folding (3) Fault line (4) Vindhya and Satpura ranges

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. Live well, as long as you live. Live well even by borrowing, for, once cremated, there is no return.’ This rejection of after-life is an aphorism of the (a) Kapalika sect (b) Sunyavada of Nagarjuna (c) Ajivikas (d) Charvakas

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The addresses delivered by the President in Parliament are prepared by: (a) the government and approved by Cabinet (b) the President himself (c) the Secretary to the President of India (d) there is no fixed rule

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What is the observation of multiple colours in thin films of oil floating on the surface of water due to ? (a) Selective absorption of light (b) Dispersion of light (c) Diffraction of light (d) Interference of light

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