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4. Which is true regarding the president of India ?

I. He is the Chief Executive

II. He is the Supreme Commander of the armed forces

III. He is the titular head of the state

IV. He is the part of the union legislature

(a) I & III

(b) I & II

(c) II, III & IV

(d) I, II, III & IV

4. Which is true regarding the president of India ? I. He is the Chief Executive II. He is the..

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4th July, 1776 is important in world history because (a) Battle of Plassey started (b) Sea route to India was discovered (c) English King Charles II was executed (d) American Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence

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Who among the following was the chairman of the drafting committee of the Indian Constitution? a) Rajendra Prasad b) Tej Bahadur Sapru c) C. Rajagopalachhari d) B.R. Ambedkar

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During Non-Co-Operation Movement In 1921, Duggirala Gopalakrishnayya of Chirala Perala town in Guntur led all inhabitants for 11 months to a new settlement in protect against hike in taxes. What was the new settlement? (1) Rampur (2) Rama Rao Peta (3) Ramnagar (4) Sri Rampur

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The members of the Constituent Assembly were ? a) Elected by provincial Assemblies b) Elected directly by people c) Nominated by the Government d) Only representatives of the princely states.

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The final match of the World Cup Cricket 1999 was played between 1 England and Australia 2 Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe 3 Pakistan and Australia 4 None of these

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Which of the following States is the leader in silk production? (a) AP (b) Karnataka (c) MP (d) Gujarat

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Freedom of speech cannot be used ? a) To incite people into violence b) To speak for denationalization of public sector c) To demand more wages d) To level corruption charges against government

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The first US President who visited India, was: (a) J.F. Kennedy (b) D. Eisenhower (c) Jimmy Carter (d) George Washington

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Duncan passage lies between: (a) South Andaman and Little Andaman (b) South and Middle Andaman islands (c) North and Middle Andaman (d) North and South Andaman islands

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Which is the best known bird sanctuary in Haryana ? (a) Sultanpur (b) Bharatpur (c) Rajaji (d) Sariska

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The most powerful king among chalukyas of vatapi who defeated Harsha on the Bank of narmada and conquered vengi (1) Pulamavi (2) Pulakesi II (3) Pulakesi I (4) Vishnuvardhana

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Who among the following was not a member of the Constituent Assembly established in July, 1946 ? a) Vallabhbhai Patel b) Mahatma Gandhi c) K.M. Munish d) J.B. Kriplani e) Abul Kalam Azad

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