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HAL Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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How CFL &T5 tube light glows?


Is it required to use Automatic transfer Switch in L&T panel board if we use AMF panel with DG set? How the single line diagram will be? Please forward the material to


How will be the single line diagram of series trip HT breaker? how it works?


Is it required to use 2 nos of body earthings to any machine though if we use TP with E supply is provided to Machine?

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In our factory there is one no. of Series trip HT 6KV OCB. 1. Is it possible to measure CT out put current by 440V Clamp meter? The measurement is required for knowing the exact value of current in CT secondary to set up protection for transformers. 2. plase forward the single line diagram of AMF panel?

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How can we findout the maximum efficiancy of Transformer? At which load?


what is the formula for efficiency of francis turbine and generator for hydropower? what is best way to select francis turbine and generator?


Why voltge arev transformed in to 132KV/66/KV/33KV like that

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Please clarify, 1. Is it required to lay two runs of GI wire along with Armoured LT cable if it is laid between one big mains (63Amps TPN SDF) to small main (32A TPN SDF) with proper glanding termination? 2. If the armoured cable with proper glanding is laid from DB to CNC machine, is it required to run two runs of body earthing to the Machine from DB? 3.If the armoured cable with proper glanding is laid from Substation to Hangar, distance is approx. 100 mtrs, is it required to do earthing at shop area though the primary termination at substation is earthed through gland.


We have 90mX100m hangar with 16 no.of supporting pillar. It is required to provide power supply on all pillars. what is suggested earthing scheme for hangars.


difference between microprocesser and microcontroler

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i am going to attaned the engineer (disign)iterview at HAL please give me duid line


what is a bus post insulator? explain its application in a substation.

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Which type of power plant is more easier to produce electrical power at economical condition?

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is electrons really flow or they just vibrate at their position?

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