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HAL Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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In power point wiring,often,we use less size of earth wire compared to phase & neutral wire and we use big size pin in pug top. how is it justified? can we use small size cable for earthing?

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How to know the back up time for a 5KVA UPS which is connected to 15 nos. of computers? Is there any formula for this? pls. tell me.

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what is the power rating of CPU, CRT type moniter, LCD type moniter,scanner Approx.


Generally at what power factor the electronic equipments like computer, TV, EPABX etc.,operates. Please tell me.

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Which type of power plant is more easier to produce electrical power at economical condition?

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explain about RTCC

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tell me exact relation b/n voltage and current and which one is depend other

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why is the transmission voltage is multiple of 11?

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what's the simultenous maximum demand (SMD)..what the diffrent MD and SMD?


In our factory so many iron pillors are exists for supporting the shed/Hangar. If do more no of earthings at one piller instead of doing more earth pits in many locations and running earth strip around the hanger, I can save the money. Please suggest this method is acceptable as per Is specifications though the Earth resitance of the farthest piller is with in the limits as per IS specifications.


If we touch the Capacitor terminals you feel shock after the capacitor was put in operation and not in case of inductor though both are energy storage elements.why?

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What is the full form of SON-T lamp?

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why voltage form factor of PT are increase , when it is ecpected heigher spikes in system. how it is calculated.


Should the neutral earthing of 33/11KV D-S transformer, be connected to the earth grid?(Yes/ NO) why?

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Why Trasformers rated in KVA

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