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Google Puzzles Interview Questions
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Find the smallest number such that if its rightmost digit is placed at its left end, the new number so formed is precisely 50% larger than the original number.

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If you look at a clock and the time is 3:15. What is the angle between the hour and the minute hands? ( The answer to this is not zero!)

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Shahrukh speaks truth only in the morning and lies in the afternoon, whereas Salman speaks truth only in the afternoon and lies in the morning. A says that B is Shahrukh. Is it morning or afternoon and who is A - Shahrukh or Salman? It is Afternoon and A can be Salman or Shahrukh. If A is Salman, he is speaking truth. If A is Shahrukh, he is lying. Want to confirm it? Consider following 4 possible answers and check for its truthness individually.

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You have a sheet cake. There is a rectangular piece missing from the inside of the sheet cake. The location of the missing piece is arbitrary. I was told I could assume I had the means to make the cuts. How do you divide the sheet cake into 2 even proportions with 2 cuts?

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3 boys go to the restaurant. Their bill was 75 rs.. So they contributed 25 each. Manager then gives 5 rs back to the waiter and then waiter gave 3 rs back to them and put 2 rs into his pocket.. So their actual contribution is 24 because they got 1-1 rs back. so 24*3=72 and 2 rs into the waiter's pocket. so 74+2=74 where is 1 rs?

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wo kya cheez hai jo saal me 1 baar mahine me 2 baar hafte me 4 baar aur din me 6 baar aati hai

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Arrange these words into a romantic word D P G E O D S?

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In a city, The police has surrounded the Bank. There are 50 people in the building. Each person is either an engineer or a manager of the bank. All computer files have been deleted, and all documents have been shredded by the managers.

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How would you cut a cake in 8 pieces with only three cuts.

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Google Puzzles Interview Questions

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