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Google Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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what are the different types of questions in testing from related to projects, plz help me in quickly


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Google Testing AllOther Interview Questions

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I am searching for job in s/w Testing. I completed the course, and hav 6 months exp as a Trainee Tester. I hv registered in all possible job-portals. But am nt gettin the response for that, instead i'm getting responses for my previous experience.(fyi: this is a shift in career. Earlier i worked in an international call center, which in fact was a diversion from my career). Can u giv me some suggestions as to hw to proceed? i am thinking of trying thru consultancies (i'm from Bangalore). Is there some things which i need to look out for? Plz guide me, in case i miss out on some important things. Thnx for all answers.


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