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Google QTP Interview Questions
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how to write regular expression for Date field?

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Can I do Game testing with QTP tool

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QTP 9.2, Issue: Creating Shared Object repository. I recorded 2 scripts. I exported the Object Repository to a shared location for the first script. Associated the exported repository to the first script and deleted the Local Repository for the First Script. Now Opened the Second script and try to Add the Local Object Repository of 2nd Script to Exported Object Repository. But I fail. Can anyone please help in providing steps that need to be followed in creating a shared object repository? Thanks in Advance.

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why was automation used in the project?

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what type of automation is follwed in the project?


what type of test cases tou will automate?

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What is the life cycle of QTP? Pls Give me Exact answer?

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how to test Web application using QTP software


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Google QTP Interview Questions

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