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Google Linux Commands Interview Questions
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what is Bourne shell.

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script is like x=10; y=20; [$x-ne$y]; echo $ please give me output.

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how is the possible the "last 10 files present in the current directory and stores them in the file list".

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what is the command To print script arguments

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what is QUOTA-V

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how is "to run even after user logs out"

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what is command for "calj2007"

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how to create a new file command

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tell me command for" to create more than one name to a file".

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what is "ls* " is run options are 1) x 2).x 3) hidden 4) no disply tell exact answer.

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in unix how to change old name to new name

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what is command like " #(cd unixos; pwd) " tell me OUTPUT

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what is the standard output in a file as well as disply it on the terminal options like A)pr B) tail C) tee D)nl

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in unix how to change old name to new name

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please advice me what i have to prepare for NIC Exam(22-feb- 09). send me the question pattern for the 2 hrs exam. please sent it to


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Google Linux Commands Interview Questions

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