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Google Software Design AllOther Interview Questions
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I would like to submit the following question I was asked recently during my technical interview at Google. I'm rephrasing the question to make it clear for everyone to understand: - You are going on a one-way flight trip that includes billions of layovers. - You have 1 ticket for each part of your trip (i.e: if your trip is from city A to city C with a layover in city B, then you will have 1 flight ticket from city A to city B, and 1 flight ticket from city B to city C. - Each layover is unique. You are not stopping twice in the same city. - You forgot the original departure city. - You forgot the final destination city. - All the tickets you have are randomly sorted. Question are: - Design an algorithm to reconstruct your trip with minimum complexity. - How would you improve your algorithm. Example: - randomly sorted: New York->London San Francisco-> Hong Kong Paris->New York London->San Francisco - sorted: Paris->New York New York->London London->San Francisco San Francisco-> Hong Kong

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Google Software Design AllOther Interview Questions

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