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Google Windows AllOther Interview Questions
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What are the features of Windows XP?

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Google Windows AllOther Interview Questions

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1. A Man pays income tax of Rs.3000 of 10% the income will be Rs.12000.What will be his income before tax. 2. 135,45,180,60,240,75 will be next number. 3. A Can do a job in 9 days, A and B together can complete a job in 5 days. How long will B Alone can complete it? 4. Consider the word ECONOMISTICS, interchange the letter first and second, third and fourth, fourth and fifth and soon on. What will be the last letter after interchanging? 5. The 8 consecutive odd number with 7th term 9 is taken. Then what would be the sum of it. 6. Problem on profit and loss 7. Rosy and jenny plan to talk in secret code. Next day rosy send a message to jenny that her lover xxxxx ask to come. What could be his name? 8. Jackson was a famous writer; he uses a dash at the end of the line. This method was earlier followed by Dickson. Dickson found happy to see his poet printed in paper as such check which of the statement given below weaken the above passage. A. Jackson feels jealous of Dickson B. Dickson wontedly uses this method. 9. Basic Mathematic problems 10. Find the sequence of numbers Example: In the sequence of numbers 5, 8, 12, X, 34, 55, 89..... The value of X is