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Ericsson Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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how many maximum signaling link can be created between two gsm switches and why?


Hi dears, i work with E// switches since a bit time,i faces a problem with AFFILE output,when i get the out put (with Hex code) and i try to convert it to ASCII code it gives me the correct values but the data is not arrange correctly,there is some tabs,spaces and by result the data is shifted is there any advice for this case thanks & regards


how do link aT1 from the 1st BTS to 2nd BTS4?


Telecom BSS related ques: For cascaded 1800 BTS with master 900 BTS,if 900 master BTS is down for its own equipment fault,cascaded slave 1800 BTS gets down/stop carrying traffic without any fault as BCCH and other controllong channels are in master 900 BTS.Is there any technology/system to turn the slave 1800 BTS to a single 1800 BTS autometcally when 900 master BTS is down for its own equipment fault???It is possible to make the slave 1800 BTS single live BTS manually.But I want to know the autometic system/process.if there is any....if not available, how can we generate the system??

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What can be the reasons of Handover failure?

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what is call procedure?

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what is the difference betweeen FM and FSK modulation?

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what is the features of GSM Technology and CDMA technology

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1.antenna is passive or active?? add why? 2.diff b/w tch drop & tch block?? 3 diff. b/w sdcch drop & sdcch block??


Why there is so many digit in Indian mobile number, but so much less in other countries such as Bangladesh.

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Why 16 Signaling links are the maximum links between two GSM switches?

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How the E1 speed is calculated as2.048mbps.write the full procedure.

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call flow in gsm

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what r the types of fading?

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How many TRx use in one BSC.

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Ericsson Electronics Communications Interview Questions

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