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Ericsson Core Java Interview Questions
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what is webservices?

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What is the diff. b/w Interfaces & Abstract class?

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Which of these methods belong to Thread & Object class? join, yield, sleep, wait, notify

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Can we instantiate Interfaces?

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What do you mean by the term transient?

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What are the two ways you can synchronize a block of code?

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Package1 and Package2 both have a method name lets say "methodA" with different implementation. When I import both the packages in a java class how can I use both the methods?

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Why Static variable required in java?For ex,class A { static int a; int b; } Why static is required?

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Why method overloading and method overriding required in java?

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In collection sorting comparable and comparator interface will be used..but why this two interfaces required..two will work same purpose so why there are two interfaces instead of one?when to use comparator and when to use comparable?

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What do you mean by JVM?


What is nested loop? What is dangling else condition in it?


Give me an example of array and linked list? Where they can be used?


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Ericsson Core Java Interview Questions

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