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Ericsson Telecom General Interview Questions
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What is the height of BTS?

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We use PSWA card in which case?

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Explain the configuration of 4+4+4.

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Which type of connector we use at the end of GSM antenna/

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What is Antenna gain.

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Explain BTS configuration 4+2+2

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What is the total output power of an complete BTS, in dbm & watts.

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Why the RSL of microwave link is in -ive?

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what are components of output power for BTS(WCDMA/UMTC)? and which power benefit users ? how users use this power ?


do you have the scripts for integration Ericsson DUS (lte) ????? please support, my job is in risk


What do you know about telecommunications?


What are the functions of Base Station System?


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Ericsson Telecom General Interview Questions

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