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Emerson Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Why we use DC for charging of Batteries??Why not AC Supply???

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What is BMS System???Types...

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How many no. of earthing pits required for commisioning a new 320KVC DG Set????How????

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How we can calc. the Backup time of a battery Bank???

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What is Avg. Power Consumption of 2 TR Split A/C???How v can calc. this???

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What will happen if v use DCP Type Fire Exingusher on a Server Chaisis???

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What is SNMP Card Monitoring in UPS???

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What is MODBUS Controller Used for BMS Mointoring???

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What is LOP Sensor in DG??????

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What is Specific Gravity of the Electrolyte used in Lead Acid Battery????What is Unit????

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What is Wlak Test in Fire Alarm System????

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How we can test the Smoke Detectors????

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What is Diff. btw Cat-5 & Cat-6 Network Cables???

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What is EPBX????

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What is Autodialer used in FAS????

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Emerson Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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