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Emerson Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the difference between earth and neutral?

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In a Circuit how the MCB and Fuse ratings are calculated. And shall the fuse follws the MCB or it is otherwise?

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Difference between ups

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explain Uninterrupted power supply detailed electronical operation with circuit diagram

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requirements for making parallel operation of Uninterrupted power supply

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What is PEC??Applications........


What is ERD used in Elevators??

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What is Diff btw Fire Alarm & VESDA System???


What is high frequency grounding????Applications........

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What is FM200 Gas??Applications........


What is d diff. btw Online & Offline UPS???

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What is d diff. btw MCB & MCCB???

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What is CCTV System???Applications........

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What is the Diff. btw Manule Pull Station & Manule Abort Station Switches used in FM200 System??


What is PQA???Applications........


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