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Deloitte Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions
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What do you know about FA to GL cycle?

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Can you create an Invoice in USD, while the Standard PO has been created in EUR?

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1)What cannot be consolidated in GCS? 2) When you setup calendar in GL is it possible to change it?


Period closing process Ap and GL?

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´╗┐Why assign balancing segment flex field qualifier in company segment ?

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Which factor decide how many segment in our structure?

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What is difference between security rule and cross-validation rule and what is difference between both of?

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What is revaluation & translation ?

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What is difference between consolidation and revaluation?

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Why use zero amount payment? what is setup and which condition use ?

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P2p cycle explanations? And entry, if asset item received what is entry?

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What is the basic setup of payable?

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What are the profile option mandatory in payable implementation?

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What is Mo security profile and Mo operating unit? Why use this profile option ?

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If scenario I assigned default Mo operating unit and Mo security profile is b so what can able to see in operating unit in payable?

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Deloitte Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions

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