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Deloitte SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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What is integration between FI and other modules?

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List the Basic 24 Steps for FI configuration.

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What is SAP Product Life Cycle(PLC)?

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what is lot numbers in automatic payment? How to make it?

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What's the 'free selection' tab in the Automatic payment program(tcode F110) stand for? what are the configuration details for the same?

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what is the accounting journal for subcontractor during goods received

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During Asset migration. Data migration team has upload one asset has 10 years useful life and acquisition value 10.000 usd. asset has already use for 4 years so net book value should be 6000 usd. asset has already uploaded. the problem was asset should be used in 3 year. how to correct asset that has already upload in 4 years and the user want to correct it from 4 years to 3 years. how to correct the net book value from 6000 to 7000?

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after posting transactions to an asset can we activate the depreciation area ? if activate what is the impact ? if not able to to activate depreciation area what is the procedure to calculate the depreciation

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How Many Numbers of Validations and Substitutions can be defined for a Company Code.

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If your client say to you that u have to maintained to retained earning account in our co. code , tell me the processor in detail ? what are the benefit for 2 retained earning a/c in same co. code?

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What is unit testing,Integration testing,Regression testing?

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Deloitte SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions

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