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Deloitte Dot Net General Interview Questions
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What is RunTime Polymorphism?

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What is CLR, CLS,CTS

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What is an Interface? Have you ever developed an Interface.

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Write an StoredProcedure to get the values of a column within a date range.

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What is Delegate? Have ever used Delegates in your project.

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i have 2 functions, int add(int a,int b); double add(int a,int b); does this code implement overloading? if not what will be the error?

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i have an array of 10 objects whose values are from 1-10 randomly inserted. i have deleted one array object. tell me what is that value? write the logic of it.

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Explaing your project.

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you have a requirement from client, he has an XML file and you need to insert the data into 5-6 tables in database. explain me the procedure.

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why do you want to join deloitte, where do you exactly fit in.

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What is Meta Data? Explain Types of Assemblies

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What are Sessions?

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Can u explain me What is encapsulation?

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What is the difference between Dataset and DataReader? Can u breif me classes and architecture

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Deloitte Dot Net General Interview Questions

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