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Deloitte Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is the difference between pre UAT testing and UAT testing

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what is equivalence boundary

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What are the Level of Severity

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What is the Role of Bug Tracking System

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what we have to do if the application has some additional functionality which is not specified as part of functional spec.(but is useful.. may b futher) Do we consider it as a defect?

5 13726 many deliverables are there in a project development?

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5 negative test case for lift....

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What is show stopper bug pls explain,pls give any real time bug u get in your project

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what is seviority and priority, and who will assign seviority and priority and High seviority and high priority , High seviority and Low priority and Low seviority and High priority and Low seviority and Low priority-- pls, if you know really give the answer,because in every interview they are asking plssssssss

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what type of testing you do for web based applications than client-sever application ...pls expaline

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what are the techniques used for writing functional test case ?

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Deloitte Manual Testing Interview Questions

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