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Deloitte Informatica Interview Questions
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What will happen when Mapping variable and Mapping parameter is not defined or given? Where do you use mapping variable and mapping parameter?

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i have two flat files.. containing same type of data i want to load it to many source qualifires i need

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What is checksum termnology in informatica? Where do you use it ?

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What is the term PIPELINE in informatica ?

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What is the main data object present inbetween source and target. I answered Mapping. Transformation etc.. But it is not the answer. So please give me an apt answer. Thanks in advance

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How to handle changing source file counts in a mapping?

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What are set operators in Oracle

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How to create a mapping ? id date 101 2/4/2008 101 4/4/2008 102 6/4/2008 102 4/4/2008 103 4/4/2008 104 8/4/2008 O/P - shud have only one id with the min(date) How to create a mapping for this

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from Source 100 rows are coming, on target there are 5 m rows which options is better to match data 1. Joiner 2 No cache 3. Static 4. Dynamic

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Suppose we are using a Dynamic Lookup in a Mapping and the commit Interval set for the tgt is 10000. Then how does the data get committed in the lookup if there were only 100 roows read from the src and the dynamic lookup dint have the 100th row in it?

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can u apply SCD2 on flat file tgt? if yes wat is the procedure?

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What is the difference between IN and Exists in Oracle?

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Can we have a Mapping without a Source Qualifier?

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Suppose in the next version of Informatica, RTR Xn is excluded. Then how will u route data to different tgts?

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You have defined the following: - Commit Type = 'Target' - Commit Interval = 10000 - writer buffer block can hold multiple 7,500 rows - you are loading 40,000 records into the target After how many records will the Informatica Server issue commit commands? a)7500, 15000, 22500, 30000, 40000 b)15000, 22500, 30000, 37500, 40000 c)15000, 22500, 30000, 40000 d)15000, 30000, 40000

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Deloitte Informatica Interview Questions

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