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Deloitte Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions
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What are the important setup in cash management for reconciled the payment ?

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What is difference between auto reconciliation and manual reconciliation?

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What are different types of way in our matching invoice?

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How many types of hold? Tell me some hold and how can do solve the hold ?

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some tabs in payable option and financial option?

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Explain payment process profile?

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I have some scenario if I have 10000 transaction for the reconcile of payment, so what is best idea reconciliation for the payment manual or auto? If say auto way?

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What is 4th c and why use 4th c mandatory?

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Haw many flex field in GL?

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I have some scenario I enter the invoice euro and make the payment usd , it is possible make the payment? If No why and also enable in multi-currency payment enable in bank window ,that time possible or not?

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What is use multi-currency payment if enable in bank window?

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MOAC setup and which module do the setup? And what is the use of MOAC?

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What is payment of Draft, Final and Final Post?

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Deloitte Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions

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