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Deloitte Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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differnce between the 4.7 & 6.0 versions?


recently release the 6.0 version not succede in the market why?


why are you selecting for the profitbulity analysis costing based& active based


what is the global prameters why are you selecting for the negative posting period allowed, defalult value date,proposed fisal year


what is global currinces

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what is hard currince

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"while Financial accounting is external, cost accouting is internal to the business" Explain?

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Name the Accounting Concepts


What is the difference between Depriciation and amortization?

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Explain 4 types of Depriciation?

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What is Capital Budgeting?

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What are the two motives of business?

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What is NPV? What is IRR? What is the difference between NPV and IRR method? Which and why among NPV and IRR do you think is more appropriate technique in capital budgeting?

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What do you mean by Leverage?

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What are the types of leverage?

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Deloitte Accounting AllOther Interview Questions

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