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Datamatics Interview Questions
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What is pairwise testing?

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What does mknod do? What?s a named pipe?

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how u write vb script in qtp pls give me some basic script and some material

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where the object repository is located?how to choose the object repository as shared or action object repositories?

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wt is the difference between global and action excel database in qtp?for example one action is calling another action the second action is using action excell sheet?if it is using global sheet what makes the difference?

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which command u will use to access the application through descriptive programing?

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Who is the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces? 1 Prime Minister 2 Defense Minister 3 President 4 Chief of the Army Staff

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how to configure automatic payment program

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What is non-functional testing?

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Hi,I am new to software testing. My question is, What can be the possible test cases one can write for a chair

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52.write a “Hello World” program in “c” without using a semicolon? 53.Give a method to count the number of ones in a 32 bit number? 54.write a program that print itself even if the source file is deleted? 55.Given an unsigned integer, find if the number is power of 2?

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What is catch up depreciation

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i applied prompt on country when i run report it shows list of all countries but want it to show only four countries name


Which things do you examine in requrement while writing testcases.

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Please any on explain usage of "on error resume next","On error goto 0" with sample code....Thankyou......... when a tester is asked to execute 100 scripts in a short time..(the server will be down in another 10 min) he has to run those scripts?

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