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Datamatics Interview Questions
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write the test cases for mobile incoming,out going etc

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what is oracle

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which type of material is F125?


What is 1:1 redundancy ?


How would you attach pictures in column headers of List View Control?


example for sub strings ? and refernce modifications whit output pls


Explain the Phosphate estimation?


Is it ABS AH 36 material equivalent to IS 2062 Gr B material.


Define Payee


How much genetic exchange occurs between bacteria in natural conditions?


Why would farmers, doctors, and manufacturers be interested in Genetic Engineering?


what are doing the duall connetion in tree phase 10hp or etc motor with circuit diagram


I done MBA (HR-MARKETING) and now am working for some other company, i want to do PGDIPLOMA IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT OR HRM. Can any one suggest which univercity is best and is this right decision..?


Describe a problematic situation and how you solved it?


i had applied for 6 categories for rrb section engineers posts 2 different rrb boards 2 those i was eligible of an single notificatoin. do i need 2 write different exams or single exam


How to read files and process BDC's automatically ?


Which pipe should I use SAW, ERW or seamless if I have the following constraints I have to transport methane gas Size is 8” Corrosive environment Sulphide is present Also tell the cost comparison


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