What does mknod do? What?s a named pipe?

What does mknod do? What?s a named pipe? ..

Answer / harendrakumarlinux

in linux system everything includind hardware is a file. the
coomand mknod,mkfifo craetes these special files like block
files for a disk which can take multiple inputs
simultaneously or a special character file denoted by c
which can take one input at a time

names pipes(also known as fifo) are special pipes these are
used for interprocess communication. suppose you have written
ps -e |less in this example the output of the ps -e coomand
will be temporaroly moved to temporary file created by this
pipe and you will be able to see the data. but as soon as
this process ends this file will be ended. but the files
created by named pipes will not be deleted. named pipes are
created using the command mkfifo or mknod. named pipes are
system persistant.

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