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Datamatics Databases AllOther Interview Questions
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i applied prompt on country when i run report it shows list of all countries but want it to show only four countries name


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Given the requirements, how will you go about designing them? How will you convert business info to technical info?


In u r Implementation project how to pill up the gaps? tell me some deatiles.


can anybody help me how to write a test case for a program eg: c or C++ ,and also how to check their outputs


What is use of IBM framework?


Speak on photography ?


What is deffrent Between Company Act and Income Tax Act depriciayion


How do you do Currency translation in SAP BW ?What are the settings that needs to be done?


Give Detail information about plc,dcs,and scada system?


what are steps for interface? where is exchange rate defined in which table?


In Electrical 'Single Line Diagram' cable nomenclature shows "2 X 1C X to be provided for one incomer. The question is how many cable to be proved for one Incomer.


why we use 19x9x9and 20x10x10 but not other


How capacitor bank can prove superior to synchronous condensers w.r.t. power factor correction??


Please outline and describe your current targets and KPIs How do you ensure you achieve these?


What is the wave equation for the sound waves encountered in smart cell phones, specifically android?


to vary valtage from 0 - max a variac is necessary . so how to design for high power applications nearly about 200KW power


Datamatics Databases AllOther Interview Questions
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