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What is Database Testing?

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What is Database Testing?..

Answer / sailaja

testing the database for data validity and data integrity
is called data base testing.

data validity means testing whether the frontend data is
correctly added into the database

dataintegrity means testing whether the frontend operations
are correctly done on the backend data

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What is Database Testing?..

Answer / s.m.shoaib

In database testing one can consider/verify the
1. Database Table/Field/SPs Naming Conventions.
2. Database design .. is it Normalized enough?
3. Database field size.
4. Database field type.
5. Stored Procedures Return type, arguments etc.
6. Relationship between tables. Primary , Foreign Key.
7. Constraints in Database

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What is Database Testing?..

Answer / shubhs

This will not be exact Testing but can be done as
Field size validation with the Front End or with the
Field size validation, if application is having data for
multiple language.
Return type of each function and Out Parameter for each
If Data base is any file Generation routine that can be

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What is Database Testing?..

Answer / ashu

to testing the server side data means validating the data at
server side

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What is Database Testing?..

Answer / babi

to test the database concepts

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