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Cipla Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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How to choose the which salt is suitable for mobilephase


What is Standard deviation

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What is difference between silica used in TLC and HPLC column

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Why Urasil and Caffeine use for HPLC wavelength accuracy calibration. which is most suitable, Why? other than these which can be used?

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Why pH Range has been fixed as 0 to 14 ?

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How can we determine Moisture content of HI?

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why we do the calibration of limit of stry light in hplc & uv

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what is leading peak in hplc

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From peak purity spectrum, where or at which point peak purity angle & purity threshold is checked?

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why we can use only 4 and 7 and 9 buffers in pH calibration

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why we use only six bowls for dissolution of a drug

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On which pharmacopoeia basis we can calibrate instruments like HPLC,GC,UV,DISSO,IR etc...

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why do we adjusted ph in the mobilphase

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can we use the same detector in HPLC as well GC and what could be the differences we can find in the final chromato graph in any aspects?


What is the difference between Spectroscopy and spectrophotometry,What are the applications?

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Cipla Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions

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