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Cipla Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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why we have to store the pH electrode in 4.01 buffer ?

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What is the reason for using the 900ml of dissolution medium

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What is the difference between Paddle and Basket Why we are using Basket or paddle in dissolution.

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whate is difference between calibration and validation

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why we use prednisone tablet in chemical callibration of dissolution apparatus?

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Why Ethanol is Used for Standardization of GC Head space?


What is descriminatory disolution medium ?

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what is the difference between gc& hplc. why we r not calculating purity by gc for final products

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What is (Q) point dissolution?

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what is difference between moisture contents and water contents ?

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why disodium tartarate is used for autotitrator calibration

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how to calibrate hplc & gc


why using factor 1.00639 in burette calibration of kf

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What is the function of end capped column?

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Why linearity of detector performed in HPLC calibration

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Cipla Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions

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