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Cipla Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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What is the definition of water content or moisture content,what is the procedure going on w.c amalysis?

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how can you determine a compound acidic or basic?

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Please tell me about the pH of Polycaboxylic ether is it in the 5-6 range ever or more than 6


what is the diference between spectroscopy and chromatography

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Can you please give a suitable definition and an example for understanding the words purity and potency.

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What is the principle of HPLC?

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What is the principle of hplc detectors like.. UV detector,flurosence detector, RID?


What is the principle of Thermal conductivity detector and FID?


why salicylic acid not use for dissolution.

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Why pyrene is also use for calibration if detector

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Basic principle of ESI?


why we use 0.1% acetone in gradient calibration of HPLC?

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What is difference between FID and TCD in gas chromatography

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What is the difference between high pressure gradient and low pressure gradient in hplc?

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Why the ph limit (1_14) Is used?

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Cipla Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions

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