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Cipla Interview Questions
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If a drug possesses zwitter ionic nature then can it plays any important role in pharmacy?

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how do you calculate IKW(consumption per TR) in HVAC?

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How do you find the D and F value for Biological indicator, in the autoclave?

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Did HIV 1 & 2 speard through meanstural cycle?

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What is the difference between limit of quantification and limit of quantitation?


can some other acids like nitric acid or HCl can be used in the calibration of UV.Vis. spectrophotometer????

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what r the reasons to get peak telling?

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pH is having unit?

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Why 3X samples collected in process validation?

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In DM plant, If pH in anion outlet is 7.2 and Mixed bed pH is 6.2, wat could be the reason.

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What do you mean by KG and KGS in Diesel Engine


how to do heavy metal test for colour sample?

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Re: how to calculate diesel consumption of a D.G.Set? Answer # 1 We can not calculate the diesel comsumption...depending upon load it will conume the diesel...suppose the 1500kva D.G is running and the load is 1000kw means it will consume 150-200 liters per hour....

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why sre you used Potassium hydrogen phthalate in standarisation of 1N NaOH and 0.1 N Perchloric Acid?

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Please tell me about the pH of Polycaboxylic ether is it in the 5-6 range ever or more than 6


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Cipla Interview Questions

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