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CCCL Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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how must steel will use for 1 cubic meter.formula of steel for beam,column,lantern.

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why breadth of beam is shorter than (or equal to )its depth?

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what is the least count of staff ?

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what is super elevation?

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how the load will be transfer from pile foundation to soil?

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difference between limit state method and working stress in terms of load

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Difference between design mix and nominal mix

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How much block, cement,sand,is required for 1 sqmt of 200*200*400 block work

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what is lap length?

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how much quantity of blocks, cement and sand is required to complete 1sq.m of CC Hollow blockwork. Size-16"x8"x8". Also what is the cement sand ration commonly used?

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what is the ratio of young's modulus of elasticity for a mild steel specimen in tension and compression?

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which one is strong? field weld or shop weld?

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what is mean by bulking of sand?

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what is mean by bulking of sand?

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which software is better for design and analysis of buildings (stadd pro ) or (Etabs)


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CCCL Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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