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CCCL General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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please give the remaining answers.


i need of the bhel question papers along with answers and also give some website names for the downloading question (electrical and electronics engg question)please help me....


hai we need to get some data from a logfiles and populate into database .to check this we need to write test cases .how to write test case for this scenario tell me as functional and stress testing differ


PLZ SOMEONE TELL ME WHICH TYPE OF QUESTIONS IS ASKED IN HLL(Hindustan latex ltd.)mangmt trainee entrance exam?


HI, i was given only 1st round and i made it through the first round, then was sent for the final HR round.In the HR round the HR manager dint ask me a single question of the related job,all he asked was as following:- i)what are your salary Expectations ii)are you ok to do night shifts.then he thanked me and said he will let me know by 2 days,when i asked him for any feedbacks and suggestions he said that he will let me know only after 2 days.SO please help me what shall i expect from this one of a kind interview. Many thanks in advance.


How to codify for an Item in SAP? How many digits are required for an item?


how to test a web application manually?can u explain indetail?


one server is down it doen't display anything what you do?


What are some chemical compounds found in the roots of plants?


What is convolution?


What the formula for calculating no.of earthings & size of earth strip for 100mX90m shop.


What is PS structure


What degree do you need to become a biomedical engineer? What isyour average work schedule?


can we adjust margin money paid to bank to open a Bank Guarantee in stock statement while calculating Drawing Power


What are the monitor settings?


CCCL General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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