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CCCL Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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whay we transmit power in 3phase no in 4 or 2 or 5......etc?

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what is earthed and inearthed cable or system?

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what is the mean of"turbo" in turbo alternator???

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Un-Answered Questions

SAP-HR --- why do we need symbolic account why can we not do the same through Wage type (I said symbolic account is used as as interface between Wage type and G/L account for posting payment to finance but I was not able to answer why can the same not be done through Wage type)


why passive components are used in pre emphasis and de emphasis?


who or what in your life would you say influenced you most with regard to your career objectives?


why we wont use '&' sing in aceesing the string using scanf


A cable with concentric PE conductor must be used with frequency converter circuits what does its means.?


How do get the result of your program directly on your pc?


What are the critical scenarios in production support? Tell me some examples?


How much wastages taken in 1. cement 2. steel 3. fine aggregate 4. coarse aggregates (10mm, 20 mm)


1.what is the entry of petrol of payment made by credit card of owner? 2.what is the entry of petrol of payment made by credit card of Company?


Which channel type is faster in Flume?


IN 1000kva transformer where the oil and winding temperature sensors is connected


why you are using proxy adapter and why you are not using idoc and rfc adapters ?


I have done MBA in HR but now i have 1 year exp of marketing. how can i justify the same in HR interview.


what are the activities to be done after a steam turbine trips?


cash with drawn from bank with issuing self check vide ch no.123456 how to enter in sap. please send answer anyone this is very helpful to me


CCCL Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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