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Capital IQ Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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What are the Goddwill calculation Methods?

4 4566

What is Stock Split?

4 4905

What is Financial?

2 3286

What is BRidge Loan?

4 4784

What is Free Cash?


What is Capital Structue?

1 1114

What is Debt and What is Equity?

4 4244

What is Compliance?


Generally which method companies follow in stores? Like (FIFO,LIFO,Simple AVG,Weight AVG...)

5 6128

Differece b/t Equity and Prefferece Capital?

5 4073

What is going concern concept?

1 1139

what is deferred revenue expenditure?

10 9496

what is payback period?

1 1387

Company A is having operating cycle of 15days...b is having operating cycle of 10 days which company is having better position

6 6273

Difference between operating profit and netprofit.

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Un-Answered Questions

what is the id1 & id2 setting in differential protection relay of CSPC?


hi..i hav developed an interactive report in which alv list display in basic list and 1st secondary list in alv grid display.I want to get summation(total) of the columns in the secondary list.I hav used 'do_sum' but i couldnt there any other way to get summation(total) in secondary list which is an alv grid display


what is the difference between C&F A and super stockist..


How to detect the CPU type of the computer the application is running on?


please send me last 3 years question & solution


can we make game by using c


Can I set folder qouta on server 2003 SP1 enterprise edition setup as file server? Can I use FSRM on this or do I really need to update my server to 2003 R2? Thanks.


What qualification require for become a tax consultant ? what the future in this..???


how to record the full and final settlement of employee (salary payable,other payable,,....) when he leaves the company ? or how to pass the entry for that ?


1.If there is one receiver,then To send 10 materials at a time through BD10 tcode, How many Master Idoc create? 2.If there is one receiver,then To send 1 material at a time through BD10 tcode, how many Master Idoc generated? 3.Can I Send Multiple Messges through BD10 tcode?


something About virus purification?


In Oracle Applications will Translation will create any journal entry then what is the journal entry what are the accounts affected


What are the critical issues you have resolved in your company


Dear sir , 1-what is diffrence local tax & vat 2 -what is sales tax. tds. service tax challan & return due date(monthly & quartly, annually) 3- what is deprecation rate in company act 4-what is income tax latest limit-


I just want to maintain data like an employee can belongs to 3 or more departments . We can resolve this by using composite key but it avoids normalization rules. So Can anyone tell me how can I maintain data.


Capital IQ Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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