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Capital IQ Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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what about the company background?

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what is debenture ?

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what are fictious assets? give some examples?

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What are the accounting principles or concepts.Expalin briefly.

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13. The firm has 20,000 common shares authorized, 15,000 shares outstanding, and 3,000 shares of treasury stock. How much common equity shares are issued. a) 2,000 b) 5,000 c) 17,000 d) 18,000

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15. Which statement about ADRs is true? a) An ADR is the receipt for the shares of a foreign based corporation held in U.S bank b) ADRs do not trade on U.S exchange c) ADRs give non U.S investors a way to buy non US company shares in the US market. d) The holder of an ADR is entitled to only the dividends for the security

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16. Eurodollars are best described as =============== a) The new currency of the European Union b) A U.S dollar denominated deposit ….generally in a bank located outside the United States …that is not subject to US banking regulation. c) A currency deposited outside its country of origin d) A foreign..denominated deposit subject to US banking regulations

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18. If the real gross domestic product of US has increased, but the production of goods remained the same, then the production of services has; a) Increases b) Decreases c) Remained same d) Would vary

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what is the difference between charge & appropriation

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what is treasury stock

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what is Contra Entry?

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what perposs calculate the fixed assets

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What is deference between Revenue and Income

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what is the formula for profit margin?

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what is the difference between take over and aquisation?

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